19 Haziran 2012 Salı

Chirrup went untamed. Apotheke

FReports started upcoming in from residents in suburban Melbourne, and then spread to the point and southeasterly of the tell.
Windows were rattled, floors rocked and roofs agitated as the temblor struck at 8.53pm.
The Geoscience Continent website was in meltdown as grouping flocked online to reason out what occurred and Chirrup went untamed.
So unrestrained, in fact, that Tweeps reacted in that most Dweller of structure - by making jokes on the  melbquake. How did the quake affect performer Chris Lilley and individual Steve Bastoni?
A spokeswoman for Geoscience said its recordings showed it was a ratio 5.3 quake, which was much right than socialism seismologist estimates.
Geoscience identified the epicentre 16km southwesterly of Moe, at the Architect Vale in Victoria's east.
"Our prelude assemblage is that it's a 5.3," she said.
The US Geological Sight reported the seism was most 10km intense with an epicentre between Trafalgar and Moe in the southeasterly.
The USGS registered it as a 5.2 agitate, but Geoscience Continent clocked it at 5.3, descending from an initial 5.5 version.

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